Online Prenatal Course Coming Soon!









A brand new, totally unique course for the mom-to-be who wants to be empowered, educated and in control of her temple (aka her body!). STGB has developed a step-by-step process which includes everything from learning how you communicate, how to achieve more by doing less, creating a support team and setting yourself up for a healthy postnatal recovery.

This course involves self-discovery, action-oriented homework and assignments, planning for your healthy postnatal recovery, daily video lessons and live interaction, week-end Q&A sessions all ending with a BONUS week-long Healthy Mama Summit including industry experts who have dedicated their careers to helping a mama out.

You will be a part of a community of women who are getting on the same ride as you! Like-minded and feeling excitement and nervousness all at the same time… we know, we’ve been there! Together we will mange our priorities, rally support and remind one another that in order to be the amazing mamas we want to WILL be, we must fuel our own tanks FIRST.



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