Having worked in the fitness industry for 15 years and as a life coach for the past two years, I’ve heard over and over the many struggles moms go through. I’ve gone through many of them myself! I’m on a mission to start feeling like my old self again and want to share my journey with you!

Here are some of my aspirations that will help me do that:

•make time for myself, you know, walk-around-a-book-store-while-holding-coffee kind of self

•increase energy, there never seems to be enough of it!

•healthier, get my hormones in check and take my supplements

•connect to my partner for more than five minutes in passing and the odd evening out here and there

•happy children and family, when i’m thriving, so is everyone else, when i’m not, well…  you know

•balanced life, as a mom it’s so easy to keeping giving and giving and giving and sometimes you’ve got to take a little for yourself

I want to help if you’re struggling:

•to juggle priorities

•to get it all done

•with mommy guilt

•to deal with time constraints

•to reconcile the work/daycare/stay at home mom dilemma

•to obtain life balance

•with any number of other current day issues so many of us face

This is what i’m going to do…

Put myself through these strategies, work with industry experts and figure out what works for me then share them with you! I get to be the Guinea pig and you get to reap the rewards of my experiments. This could get crazy!!

All you need to do is follow along and learn with us, possibly at our expense!