My name is Dr. Lara Armstrong, ND.  I am a busy mother of 2 amazing children.  I also chose a career in Naturopathic Medicine 15 years ago.  This career has lead me to become an expert in the area of women’s health and wellness.  My passion is to empower women to manage their own health through education.

Understanding what is going on in your body and why, will help you get that much closer to the solution to gaining better health.  I see myself as a vehicle to help get you there.  Being a mother first, allows me to have a good understanding and empathy about what new mothers go through.

Making a baby, having a baby and nourishing a baby post-partum takes a huge toll on a woman’s body, both physically, emotionally and nutritionally.  Ensuring that you have the correct nutrition and hormone balance is the key to managing through this unique time in a woman’s life successfully.

I have been in practice for 10 years and through this time I have gained some experience and knowledge from every patient that I have encountered.  I enjoy getting my message out there either through consulting directly with patients or speaking publically on topics related to woman’s health.

My mission is to help women thrive and obtain optimal health and wellness safely and effectively.  I hope to help you on your journey soon.

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